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The Tempe Rockstar Gold Festival
If you have enjoyed the music of Tempe in the last couple of years, and specifically in the last year, the presence, music and art of one Deon Doughty has certainly come to your attention. Aside from being a musician himself, Doughty is a magnificent artist and has been spending a lot of time over the last year documenting the musicians he admires most in brilliant paintings that are literally done on a gold base layer. If you don’t know Deon or ever had the pleasure of encountering him painting a portrait of an artist as they play, you may be missing out. First of all, he is a truly decent human being who spends most of his time and energy promoting the music and artists he believes in—in the facebook thread for his event he promotes over a dozen other shows he cares about, urging all to go see what the scene is all about. Secondly, it’s pretty damn cool to watch his paintings come to life as he dances to the band, while he is painting one of the people on stage, whether it’s at the Sail Inn, Long Wong’s, Crescent Ballroom or the Icehouse–it’s an amazing process to behold. Most recently, I’ve seen him putting some of the final touches on one of Jonathan Messenger from Snake!Snake!Snakes! and it’s utterly brilliant, capturing the lead singer perfectly. This has become quite a project over the last year and the number of portraits Doughty has done seems to increase every time I talk to him. Now, the time has come to celebrate this series of art that honors the local music scene and the musicians who are making it happen.

Across two nights at the Sail Inn, Doughty will display the fruits of his labor, the paintings in the first series of local musicians and to celebrate he will be having a hell of a lineup to back him up. The lineup promises mind expanding performances by Sasquanaut, Quick Henry, Snake! Snake! Snakes!, Banana Gun, Walt Richardson, Dry River Yacht Club, Page The Village Idiot, TKLB?, Doctor Bones, Japhy’s Descent, Future Loves Past, The Sugar Thieves and more surprises in store. This is some serious music, some serious art and a hell of a lot of fun to be had in celebration of both. Bruce Springsteen once said that it’s hard to be a saint in the city, but if anyone comes near that status here, I’m pretty sure it’s Deon Doughty. Also, be sure to listen to TMI on KWSS 106.7FM tomorrow morning Deon interviews with Beef Vegan featuring performances by Kevin Loyd from Banana Gun , Eric W Palmer and Tristan DeDe from Future Loves Past, and Travis and Brian Neil from Japhy’s Descent, promoting and supporting The Tempe Rock Star Gold Festival! Plan to be where you need to be, which is at the Sail Inn this Friday and Saturday on the nights of September 28th & 29th for this amazing event. You will not be disappointed.
Deon the Painter
I paint the people I admire most, my friends and my peers, who I consider nothing short of Rock Stars. I have my own unique style of metallic gold, prussian and cobalt blue.I create epic paintings, like holy relics of the Arizona music scene, that capture Rocks raw musical energy and passion in a timeless fashion. Paintings that visually elevate artists to their highest iconic level! Capturing the moment forever in a painting. I should be select because, I elevate my community with my brush! I raise my subject matter visually to its highest level! Capturing the moment forever on canvas with paint!